Major reduction of greenhouse gases in the operating chain


QIO recognizes the importance of optimizing the energy efficiency of its operations to minimize greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and contribute to the global battle against climate change.

With this in mind, the company replaced some of its most energy-consuming equipment before reopening the Bloom Lake Mine in 2018. It opted instead for equipment powered by hydroelectricity, a renewable source of energy with low GHG emissions.

First, the oil-fired boilers were replaced by a hydroelectric boiler. Hauling trucks used to move ore and tailings were replaced by a 3.5 km conveyor and a tailings pumping system also run on hydroelectricity.

These technological changes have made it possible to reduce GHG emissions by 4.8 kg CO2-eq per tonne of iron concentrate produced in the operating chain. This will reduce GHG emissions by 36% per year for each of the 20 years of operation anticipated at the Bloom Lake mine.