Analyst Coverage

Firms Analysts Phone number
Bank of America Chen Jiang +61 2 9226 5771
BMO Alexander Pearce +44 (0)20 7246 5435
B. Riley FBR Lucas Pipes +703-312-1855
Canaccord Genuity Dalton Baretto, CFA +416 869 7380
Citi Research Paul McTaggart +61-2-8225-3162
Cormark Securities Inc. Stefan Ioannou +416-943-4222
Euroz Limited Michael Emery + 61 8 9488 1430
Global Mining Research Tony Robson +44 755 4400 653
Goldman Sachs Paul Young +61 2 9321-8302
Jarden Group Jon Bishop +61 8 7077 6422
Laurentian Bank Securities Jacques Wortman +416-941-7701
Macquarie Group Limited Robert Stein +61 8 9224 0838
Paradigm Capital Gordon Lawson +416-363-5476
Raymond James Brian MacArthur +1-416-777-4914
RBC Capital Markets Sam Crittenden +44 755 4400 653
ScotiaBank Orest Wowkodaw, CPA, CA, CFA +416-945-4526
TD Securities Craig Hutchison +416-982-3474

Analyst reports are proprietary products of investment firms. Redistribution of an analyst’s report may be viewed as an endorsement of the report by Champion Iron. For these reasons, Champion Iron will not provide analyst reports through any means to persons outside of Champion Iron, including publication of such information on its website.

Champion Iron may post on its website the complete list (regardless of recommendations) of names of investment firms and analysts who, to its knowledge, provide research coverage about Champion Iron. If provided, said list will not include links to analysts or any other third party or publication.